Sunday, March 27, 2011

World Cup Opportunists

World Cup is hurtling into a frenetic climax this week. Dhoni and may be Afridi are trying their best to ignore emotive and charged atmosphere around a game and focus on things they do every day.

Its unfortunate Manmohan Singh has found this as the time to bring back his force-shelved and pointless diplomacy to invite a few feudal elites from Pakistan pretending to be leaders of the state. Between badmouthing opposition leaders (BJP, Commies et al) and supervising looters in his cabinet, perhaps MMS is thinking of himself as another elite who is not far from a feudal "proxy" lord.

Like the warring Nawabs enjoying a game of chess after the day's bloody battle is done!

Zardari visibly chuffed, let one rotten prisoner go, while hundreds of fishermen are still lost in the dungeons.

Spare the players, please!

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