Sunday, January 09, 2011

Pulp & Noir from Tehelka

The special annual issue of Tehelka is out. The 3rd in the series of Original Fictions. This one is devoted to Pulp&Noir. I think I missed the 2nd issue. I do remember an entry I had posted in this blog on the 1st issue.

At Rupees Twenty per copy it is a steal indeed.
Click here to access the online version.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

His Last Novel?

The Sunset Club is Sardar Khushwant Singh's sixth novel. He says that it is his last. "I am ninety six," is the main reason proferred by the man obsessed with writing who had once famously said that there is no condom for the pen.

Worth reading: The Word Become Flesh Sheela Reddy's review of the book in Outlook India (Dec 06 2010) and for something irreverent and adulatory here is Three Old Farts at Lodhi Garden by the former diplomat Bhaichand Patel (Outlook Dec 06, 2010)