Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tweet on Vishy

For a change Vishwanathan Anand seems to have got a fair amount of media attention this time. But most of India continues to be in mourning because of India's early exit from the cricket T20 World Cup. Prolific blogger and columnist Amit Varma has compared Vishy Anand's World title triumph to a man with a Maruti 800 winning a Formula 1 car race. An apt comparison. Read the post by clicking here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Novel uses of the Internet

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is it’s infinite potential to accommodate any venture. Over the last few years, with the growth of numerous 2.0 sites there have been many efforts to use the web for a more specific, goal directed and referential purposes. I have always thought that one of the important subjects that the web could act as an useful medium is - History - an academic, obscure, often regarded as a boring subject. In recent times, one such effort to make it more accessible directly to the seekers has been the British Library digitalising the vast archive of 19th century newspapers. You can access it here. I am sure one can find many interesting stories hidden in those archives there.

The other, exciting and impressive effort is from India - called The Indian Memory project. It is an assortment of historical photographs sent by netizens to make a grand collection of Indians and Indian history across times, cultures and classes. Started by Anusha Yadav it is one of the most novel uses of the web I have seen in a long long time. Have a look here and contribute if you can.