Sunday, April 26, 2009

Election Masala

(1) Haathe boma, Mukhe Prem, Er naam CPI(M) "Bomb in hand, Love on lips, thy name is CPI (M)" - Trinamool Congress slogan in West Bengal.

(2) Professor Matuknath Choudhary is a candidate from Patna Saheb constituency. He has promised to set up "love parks" if he is elected. He had shot to fame a couple of years ago when he had eloped with a student of his. His partyss name is Prem Party. When last heard he hadn't yet been allotted the symbol of his choice - the heart.

(3) The Rashtriya Ahimsa Manch is fighting all 20 seats in Kerala. They are fighting "cruelty to animals, flesh-eating and consuming intoxicants," which, according to them, has become a way of life in Kerala.

- Source Outlook issue of 27 April 2009